All Things Legal - November 2019 - Gordon Kerr

GDPR Update - hefty fines issued, but only for very serious cases

On 8th July, the UK’s data protection authority, the ICO, issued a notice of intention to fine British Airways a sum of £183 million relating to a cyber incident notified to it by the airline in September 2018. The incident involved user traffic to British Airway's website being diverted to a fraudulent site, allowing customer details to be harvested by attackers. Personal information, including credit card details, was compromised by poor security arrangements.

Rethinking Stress - Jon Harman

Previously, I have written about the inherent stress of the assignee experience. I became interested in the subject when I was preparing to make a presentation to a group of Embassy personnel in Washington, D.C. Among my slides was one which referenced the commonly used industry adage about moving being “one of life’s most stressful events”. I felt uncomfortable making such a bold statement without knowing at least a bit of the underlying science.  Where did our claim about moving and stress originate?